Trans France 2020

In diesem Jahr ist wohl alles etwas anders. So habe ich mich im Juni kurzerhand dazu entschieden mit dem Flugzeug nach Bordeaux zu fliegen und über die wunderbaren Französischen und Schweizer Alpen zurück ins Ländle zu radeln. Alleine.

Hi there – zoom in to my breakout-session: Where #homeoffice turns into #openoffice.

#Day1 – On the agenda: me. my bike. my journey home✌️.

Today I made two checks on my Bucketlist:
o Leave the airport by bike
o Ride a motorway by bike (unintential – of course)

km: 1’484
time: 3:16 h

Day #2 – Flat out – all out?

Workin’ #openoffice was quit tough today.
It was a rather flat and hot étap. Riding 2/3 alone in No Man’s Land was new and kind of bizarre for me. But for sure I was closer to the space surrounding me.
I might holliday-adjust the forthcoming days’ program.

distance: 247 km
time: 9:45 h
drink: 6.3 L
intellecutal output: 0

Day #3 – Bonjour, Mademoiselle-Madame!

The start of my day was as cramped as yesterdays’ end. But kilometer by kilometer my thoughts got calmer. Then, I was just traveling by the speed of my legs, landscape changed as time passed by. Head winds served me well in dealing with hot temperture almost all day.

A beautiful day!

km: 217
time: forgot to check
pain au chocolat: 3
hotspot: Le Tran and of course Les Cévennes

Day #4: Vous êtes tout seul, madame? – No, I’m never alone.

I plan my routes in advance as GPS tracks – or better: a random line on a unknown map. There is no feeling, no clue, no assiciotion about what the landscape will look like, if it will be strange or attracting to me. Today, I first find myself in the solitude of an unexpacted grand and magnificient canyon. After descending I started my way towards the Provence, with all its Caves à Vin and Chic Lifestyle. Hence, it is a rather lager scale of impressions that remains – maybe the very nature of travelling. But one thing is for granted – France is generous to its’ pedaleurs.

I’m grateful for riding save from the Atlantic to the very beginning of the Alps within three days. And I’m confident to evolve day-by-day from a more achieving-orientation further to a just-ride attitude.
Whatsoever. I’m tired and somehow wasted now. Perfectly ready for a recovery day just under the fair countenace of La Mount Ventoux.

distance: 176
time: 7:24
café: 5
#openoffice acquaintance: 1

Day #6: Landscape affects performance of young femal cyclist [ p<0.001; BF:231; n=1] (Altmann & Bachmann, 2020).

As Dr.Altmann predicted, the surroundings of Mt. Ventoux and les Rhonê-Alpes winged my legs and rocketed me to the Alps. I’m overwhelmed by what the day gifted to me. Le Mt.Ventoux, Le col Macuègne,… I’m now somewhere and nowhere north of Gap on the Rue the Napoleon.

I set out for this tour to get a bit more grown-up. DIY. getting more senior… Today I figured out: What a bullshit. I admire science, a natural sense for aesthetics and the art of play. Further, I want grow confident enough to do what I value high. Well, I might actually not too far off.

And as it is such a great day, I will give something to you – a item for your personal bucketlist – you know: Good advice is rather valueable.

– Do a ride from Laragne-Monéglin to Montbrun-les-Bais.

distance: 209
vertical: 3’840
time: 10:04
bikeshop-hop: 1

Day #7: Anna unplugged and the Col-Collection.

Alp d’Huez. Col de la Croix Fer. What big perspectives! Already on the way to Bourge d’Oisans something unplugged me. I become extraordinary slow and somehow lost in space. Well, then I considered to take a train. or call a cap. or wait for Superman to take me off. As I realized he won’t come, I took a #winforce power pro recovery shake, reset my mental model of the day and had a prolonged petit-déjeuner, so I managed to reboot.

It was still no easy rider day. I somehow found a rhytm and than – gratefully – found myself pedalling in the middle of les Rhonê-Alps and la Savoie, the emotional heart of cycling 🖤. This scenary stands out by it’s magnificience and leaves you with a feeling of devotion.

distance: 138
vertical: 3’888
time: 8:25
gaufré: 1

Todays Col Collection:
Col de Parquetout
Col d’Ornon
Alp d’Huez
Col de Croix Fer
Col de Glandon

Day #8: One more cup of coffee for the road. One more cup of coffee ‘fore I go.

The excitement and exhaustion of the passed days set the tone for today. I slept a little longer and ride a little shorter than the days passé. It was a smooth ride bringing me (almost) to the Swiss-boarder. To prolonge my stay in beloved France, I set out for one or maybe even two restdays at the foot of Mt. Blanc 🖤.

I had not many talks on my journey so far. But I was asked many times – are you all alone? Somehow this makes me thinking a lot. It is not the question as such, but the tone of it. And I tend to conclude that it is still very “uncommon” that women set off alone.

Isn’t it time to leave such stigma behind?

distance: 137
vertical: 2’284
time: 6:55
deviation/deadends: 3

Day #11: I can’t life without desire

After two rejuvenating days in Chamonix, riding was great pleasure today. A pain au chocolat, a café and it was time to say adieu to France. The pain was not too big, as the Vallis (CH) was welcoming me with perfect conditions. In good ultra cycling fashion, I was just heading east. And there it was – in this glourious appearance – the Furka pass. Gletsch is one of my absolute favorite places. I try to come to this space of pure belle-epoqué beauty at least once a year.

Riding felt easy and could have lasted for much longer. Happy to feeling somehow more natural on bike again. The nearer I get home, the more rich I feel, when thininking of what I have been cycling through the last couple of days.

distance: 209
vertical: 3’406
time: 9:24
beer on road: 0

Day #12: Many shades of gray and the end of my journey. Really?

Today I was leaving late, as the destination was set and I was gambling against the rain. In the end, we shared parts of our ways. Coming from Andermatt, I climbed the Klausepass. Not sure why I like this one good – maybe because of ist Swissness?

The more I ride east (the closer I get to home) the more car drivers treated me like a piece of shit. Sadly, this helped me to adjust to a “vacation-over” mode.

As we are seemingly so tremendously trimmed to be efficent, we almost forgot about respect and community. At least, this is what I felt today. For sure, I will try to incorporate foresight and a surplus in respect in my everyday life. I know it thereby will become more colorful. There is just one more thing to say: Free your mind.

distance: 178
vertical: 2’038
time: 7:52
steepest climb: 25%


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